The IMPACTS project is relevant to the work of the partner organisations in that it contributes to their ethos of promoting social inclusion, particularly for disabled people in or through sport.The project connects different types of organisations in adult learning, especially dedicated to disabled athletes/trainers/coaches, particularly associations for the disabled, educational institutions and vocational training centres. The IMPACTS project gains insights into the working methods and practices of working with disabled athletes/trainers/coaches in partner countries that stimulates the use of good practices and strongly connects with needs of the target group.

Up to now the career of a disabled athlete is limited to his/her active sporting career. Limited or no opportunities are offered to disabled athletes to pick up up the fruits of a training/coaching career. The objectives of the IMPACTS project are therefore to :

  • Improve career opportunities in sport for disabled athletes
  • Establish links between education/training ( vocational training centres)¬† and sport (associations, clubs, athletes)
  • Share best practice in sports coach/trainer training methodology
  • Share practices and experiences in the relationship of sports and disabled athletes/trainers/coaches
  • Promote the disabled athlete as a role model to increase participation of disabled people in sport