Purpose of the ReportThis report aims to reveal the overall situation of coaching systems with a particular focus on training of disabled athletes as coaches in project partner countries, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom in order to support disabled athletes for becoming Coaches. Conducted research as part of this report seeks to find out the training / teaching methods and systems in the partner countries for disabled athletes. Each partnerconducteddesk based research (Literature review) of best practices and also primary research in local sports clubs/associations. Primary research carried out via face ot face interviews, surveys and questionnairs.

Comparative Framework(SWOT)

This report is developed as part of WP3 of the project called IMPACTS -Improving Para-Athlete CoachPing and Training careers in Sport) project.The purpose of the comparative framework is to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of training and teaching methods used with disabled athletes. The Comparative framework brings together information gathered in the literature review and information gathered in the gap analysis with sport clubs and needs analysis gathered from disabled athletes which is developed as part of workpackage 4: Networks. Therefor comparative framework links the Gap analyisisreport which is developed as part of Workpackage 4and literature review which is developed as part of Workpackage 3. Featured information from partner countries is reviewed in the link below.